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There are many different types of insulation, and cost effective techniques for saving on your next utilities bill.

Where should I insulate?

Attic Rafters

Insulating your attic rafters reduces the amount of heat entering into the attic space. Some benefits of insulating your roof rafters include low attic temperatures during extremely hot days, cooler A/C temperatures, and lower utility bills. The most energy efficient insulation products to use are spray foam, radiant barrier, & traditional fiberglass batt.

Attic Floor

Insulating the attic floor is critical for keeping conditioned air in your living area. There are many products to use when insulating your attic floor. Many home owners choose the traditional fiberglass bat insulation.  While cost effective, fiberglass does not provide a custom fit as would a blown in insulation. A blown in insulation can maneuver between plumbing and wiring, providing a blanket of comfort.

Attic Door Seal

The attic door of your home creates one of the biggest energy losses in a home. With a properly insulated attic door, you reduce the amount of air drawn from the attic into your conditioned living space. This results in increased A/C control & air quality, further increasing your energy efficiency. 

Exterior Wall Insulation

This is where homes develop that "homey" or "cozy" feeling. Because of our Gulf South Climate, when insulating walls, homeowners see the most benefits using a spray-applied insulation. When insulation is sprayed it gives every cavity a custom fit, filling all voids. This custom fit allows for controlling rodents & insects in walls, sound between rooms, and air penetrations. This reduces the sound decibels in each insulated room, and allows for your A/C to work at a much more relaxing pace.

Floor Insulation

Unlike traditional bat insulation, spray foam will keep the conditioned air in, seal all penetrations and create an air barrier without separating from the sub floor. No more socks needed for those cold, winter nights.

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