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Go Green, Save Green.

In-Tech Insulation

25 Years of Insulation Experience

Free Estimates & Insulation Consulting

Competitive Pricing

In-tech is your go-to specialist for all things insulation. We have experience in commercial, residential, and industrial insulation applications. We are energy efficiency experts and deliver the highest quality of service. 

Why In-tech?

(504) 482-8850

Residential or Commercial

If you’re a homeowner, installing the proper insulation can amount to upwards of 10% of total energy costs or up to 20% savings on heating and cooling bills.  It can also add to the resale value of your home.

All of our products are Energy Star CERTIFIED!

You may be eligible for a FREE installation!

Depending on the home improvement projects you choose, Energy Smart can help pay

over $5,000 toward your home energy improvements, and you could save 20% or more on your annual utility bill! Added benefits include:

  • Controls insects & rodents

  • Fewer drafts

  • Consistent temperatures across rooms

  • Better ventilation and humidity control

  • Lower utility bills

Ask about our FREE Thermal Imaging Audits!

Our advanced Thermal Imaging Audits provide the most accurate energy assessments for your home or building. This state-of-the-art technology will diagnose the energy losses to help you decide on the energy saving improvements you need to make your home or building more comfortable and energy efficient. 

In most cases In-tech will offer an energy audit before making any decisions on the energy-saving improvement to accurately address the problem.

After completion of your energy saving improvements we will perform a final Energy Audit to confirm the accuracy and quality of our work.

Using less energy saves you money and helps prevent climate change.

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